Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie Trailer – Fan Made

Ready for a Star Wars The Force Awakens movie trailer like none other? How is it like none other? Because it wasn't created by Disney or Lucasfilm, but rather by fans. It is a "budget trailer" or, as some … [Read more...]

Inspiration Behind Adele’s Hello Song

One of the recent hits in the music scene is Adele's newest song, "Hello." The song already has more than 147 million views on YouTube. But a lot of people are wondering... exactly what was the inspiration … [Read more...]

May the Fourth Be With You – Star Wars Day – Explained by Trekkie

Every May fourth you can't go anywhere without hearing someone say, "May the Fourth be with You." It's a take from Star Wars. But what exactly does it mean? Well, luckily, Star Trek's Tim Russ has the … [Read more...]

iPad Magician Stuns Ellen

Recently on Ellen an iPad magician named Simon Pierro¬†visited the set and the tricks he did were absolutely incredible and entertaining. Not only could he create physical objects from what was on screen, … [Read more...]

SOLVED – What Color is This Dress?

The Internet went crazy this week over a picture of a dress that some saw as being black and blue, while others saw it as being white and gold. Take a look at this photo of the dress. What color do you … [Read more...]