May the Fourth Be With You – Star Wars Day – Explained by Trekkie

Every May fourth you can't go anywhere without hearing someone say, "May the Fourth be with You." It's a take from Star Wars. But what exactly does it mean? Well, luckily, Star Trek's Tim Russ has the … [Read more...]

iPad Magician Stuns Ellen

Recently on Ellen an iPad magician named Simon Pierro¬†visited the set and the tricks he did were absolutely incredible and entertaining. Not only could he create physical objects from what was on screen, … [Read more...]

SOLVED – What Color is This Dress?

The Internet went crazy this week over a picture of a dress that some saw as being black and blue, while others saw it as being white and gold. Take a look at this photo of the dress. What color do you … [Read more...]

Incredible Drone Footage of Volcano

This is incredible footage of a volcano taken from several drones (all which were eventually destroyed by the volcano). The drones in this National Geographic clip are taking video from a volcano … [Read more...]

10 Years of Viral Videos in 3 Minutes

To celebrate YouTube's 10th anniversary, one savvy editor decided to pack 10 years worth of viral videos - 200 to be exact - into a three and a half minute video. The result will bring back memories from … [Read more...]