Midtown Manhattan Steam Pipe Explosion from 2007

(Amazing Videos) This is incredible footage of a steam pipe explosion that took place in Midtown Manhattanon July 18, 2007. The ConEd pipe had been originally installed in 1924 and just burst, making it look like a massive disaster as people ran for their lives. Unfortunately one person did die in the explosion. Luckily no one else was seriously injured although there were 20 other minor injuries. The one person who died suffered a heart attack after the pipe ruptured. The explosion happened near Grand Central Station. Here is footage from the incident showing how the power of steam can make a really big mess…

2007 Midtown Manhattan Steam Pipe Explosion

Another View from Inside – Next to Explosion

Manhattan Steam Pipe Explosion - Midtown NYC

July 19, 2007 - People running away from a gigantic explosion when ConEd's pipe burst underneath the ground.

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