Thousands of Reindeer Cross Huge River

(Amazing Videos) This is some amazing video footage shot by the BBC that shows thousands of Arctic Reindeer crossing a massive river as part of their migration routine. Now thanks to the story of Santa Claus we’ve heard that reindeer can fly. But did you know that reindeer can swim too? In this video the reindeer swim more than one and a half miles to get to the other side. It’s a¬†treacherous¬†swim that takes more than an hour and one that is very impressive to watch (don’t worry, the video’s not an hour)…

3,000 Arctic Reindeer Face a Mighty Water Crossing - Human Planet: Arctic, preview - BBC One
Human Planet is an upcoming landmark natural history series for BBC One.

Elle-Helene, a young girl from northern Norway, leads the dramatic migration of 3,000 reindeer across 2 1/2 km of water to new pasture.

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