Sea Shepherd Ady Gil Struck and Sunk by Japanese Whaling Ship

(Amazing Video Clips) This is definitely not a funny video clip. If falls under the category of amazing and outrageous. If you’ve ever seen the show Whale Wars then you’re familiar with Paul Watson and his Sea Shepherd crew. Their goal is to stop Japanese whaling vessels from hunting whales in the Antarctica. This year they unveiled a new $2 million speed boat called the Ady Gil to help in their efforts. Unfortunately the Ady Gil didn’t last long.  Yesterday the Ady Gil, while sitting still in the water, was struck by a Japanese whaling ship, slicing of 10 feet of the front of the Ady Gil. This video, surprisingly enough provided by the Japanese whaling vessel, shows the Ady Gil not moving, then the Japanese boat turns into it. Six people had to be rescued from the boat, before it later sunk. Here’s the footage…

Ady Gil Japanese Collision Footage

Boot Sea Shepherd botst met walvisvaarder

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4 years 4 months ago

I would kill 3 whales for a dairy queen blizzard.

Trevor Rose
4 years 7 months ago

Andrew Barrett –
What do you think people should do? Let Green Peace go there and watch as the Whales get killed? Thank God Mr Watson has the balls to do something about it and if people have to die, well that’s fine. Whales are dying all the time. What make us better then them? Some people need to get some morals. Whales do nothing to harm humans but we decide to kill every one of them that’s in the Ocean. Until people start to understand that we should not kill things for money someone has to do the work Mr Watson is doing. Too funny watching people like you blame everything that happens on them and let Japan off the hook. Explain to me when the Addy was sitting in the water as 5 boats went by why did that ship go on the same path as a boat sitting in the water they could have picked a diff course long before they ever got to the Addy and that is the truth

Peope need to get some morals
4 years 7 months ago

I do not understand as a person how people can talk down about a bunch of people going out to try to save an endangered species. The hump back is endangered and the whaling fleet is taking 50 a year. This mean’s my kids may never have a chance to see them. All for money’ Is it right for us to kill off a hole species and leave nothing for our kids? All for money that will be spent long before the next generation is here. Do people not understand we are killing the world for Paper we made up how stupid can humans be something we made up is worth more to us then the world we live in and the Whales who do not hurt us in anyway. All they do is bring a smile to the face of every person who see’s them. But for some reason some people will sit on the Internet doing nothing and talk down about people who are trying to stop it.

In this instance the boat from Japan clearly turns. This is not good when a boat there size hits a boat as small as the Addy they could have killed the crew and are damn lucky they did not do so. I find it funny how you all talk about what happened in the last seconds. The Addy was in the same spot for a long time and watched all the other ships go by the boat that hit them was the last boat to pass there is no reason for them to even come anywhere near that close to a boat sitting in the water doing nothing almost out of fuel. Watch the whole show. The boat from japan could have turned away 500 yards before impact but no they went right at them. I guess the same people who sit on there computer talking trash about people trying to make a diff in the world cannot think more then just what the Video shows them. What a Surprise that is.

I love when people compare Whales to cows and such things that we control the population of and say it is the same thing. Or say it is a part of there culture well in the USA we could say there culture is slavery .SWo is it ok to have slavery today? Hell no. Some things in cultures should be learned about in school and that’s it.

Fact of the matter is they are killing a massive amount of whales in the name of research for profit and someone has to stop it. To tell you the truth the person who said a person life should always come before that of a whale; you really have to sit back and think about the world we live in .Whales are not destroying the Earth. We are. Whales are not killing off whole species. We are.

I wish there was something out there that would hunt humans just for a bit to show people what it would be like to have your whole world taken away for nothing. Whales will swim towards boats and come play in front of you. They’re massive, smart and gentle. Shooting a harpoon that explodes on impact into it and making it suffer for up to an hour trying to get away as it drowns on its own blood is just plain wrong. I truly hope someone sinks their ships and everyone involved dies right there in the oceans as the whales play around them. A person lives on average 65 years and has a huge impact on the world around them and in most case’s it is a bad one. A whale can live over 150 years and has little to no impact on the world around them and we think we are superior. Time to get our heads out of the sand before it is too late.

5 years 7 days ago

Paul Watson, currently docked in Melbourne’s docklands. This man is a criminal, he wear on the side of his vessel 8 flags of the ships he has sent to the bottom. He has total disregard for his crew and the crew of other vessels.
He should not be allowed in Australian waters. The Ady Gill was clearly impeading the passage of the larger vessel and was under way at the time of the collision, therfore in the wrong.
How irresponsible to put people’s life at risk in the southern ocean, Mr Watson will inevitably kill more people, most probally members of his own crew. Lock this man up and impound all of the vessels that sail under the Sea sheppard org’s name, before another disaster happens.
Greenpeace have distanced themself from Mr Watson’s organization. The Jap’s may be pigs for what they insist on doing to our whales, but let them save face and ask thier own courts and people is this practise should continue. Not a reckless cowboy with too much money, in his bank.

5 years 17 days ago

punk hippies on tv. thats all this is,, there after there 15 minutes of glory. they do not really care about the whales… they spend more on pot and beer than the Whalers make.. I spent my naval career as a small boat specialist, An individual that let his ship get hit by a large slower vessel would go to prison in the USN, that jerk in charge of the smaller ship will be laughted at by the maritine community for years to come… The japs are really being gental, we where told Green Peace was coming to attack our ships one time. we layed out the fire hoses and loaded our shotguns incase one made it onboard. Consider that you punks

5 years 26 days ago

The Jap ship must of seen them. They knew what the were doing.

smart person
5 years 2 months ago

wow you guys are retarded they are only trying to stop commercial whaling which is illegal they are violent the captain was shot once but his badge protected him and the whales are starting to become extinct because of whalers so ha