Sea Shepherd Ady Gil Struck and Sunk by Japanese Whaling Ship

(Amazing Video Clips) This is definitely not a funny video clip. If falls under the category of amazing and outrageous. If you’ve ever seen the show Whale Wars then you’re familiar with Paul Watson and his Sea Shepherd crew. Their goal is to stop Japanese whaling vessels from hunting whales in the Antarctica. This year they unveiled a new $2 million speed boat called the Ady Gil to help in their efforts. Unfortunately the Ady Gil didn’t last long.  Yesterday the Ady Gil, while sitting still in the water, was struck by a Japanese whaling ship, slicing of 10 feet of the front of the Ady Gil. This video, surprisingly enough provided by the Japanese whaling vessel, shows the Ady Gil not moving, then the Japanese boat turns into it. Six people had to be rescued from the boat, before it later sunk. Here’s the footage…

Ady Gil Japanese Collision Footage

Boot Sea Shepherd botst met walvisvaarder

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  1. If that criminal Paul Watson stayed the hell out of peoples’ business it wouldn’t have happened now, would it?

  2. Actually the Adi Gil is moving. If you watch the video you can see that she is putting out a wake and it acutally increases a few moments prior to impact.

  3. Joe Tracy says:

    The Ady Gil isn’t creating a wake (it’s perfectly still) until the last possible second two seconds (then it moves). As the SeaShepherd press release stated, they threw it into reverse to try and avoid the Japanese whaling ship apparently aiming right for them, but it was too late. It could be argued by the Japanese, however, that the Ady Gil moved into them at the last second. The video taken from the Bob Barker may clear things up more.

  4. Now that was funny,all that driver had to do was back up a bit.

  5. Yo DJ, that’s what they were trying to do at the last second – but no luck backing up since the Japanese ship was deliberately turning to collide with it.

  6. You need to look at the video again. The idiots on the Ady Gil gunned it into the Japanese ship and no-brain Watson pretty much admitted to it.

  7. At 13 seconds you see the engines fire up, at 16 seconds you see them gas it.

  8. The fastest vessel on the seas, a world speed record holder, taking on a lumbering goliath.. got to admire the sacrifice they made to make a point. And yes I do believe whalers should be sunk on sight (after the crew is taken off)

  9. That WAS funny! If you want to put yourself in a dangerous position which endangers others then you ought to suffer the consequences of your stupidity. By trying to foul the prop on the ship they were putting that vessel and crew at risk. A ship that can not maneuver on the open seas is at risk of capsizing and sinking.

    Oh yeah, the Ady Gil was moving forward during the incident, most likely to maintain steerage, but they were in forward motion.

  10. The Ady Gil is clearly moving forward into the path of the ship – the fastest & agile boat on the sea. Note how supporters of the Ady Gil insist she isn’t moving, but you can watch and see for yourself, boats sitting still don’t leave a wake. Watch the whale lovers tape of the same incident and you can hear them all laughing, up until the impact. I have watched the show a couple times, the whale lovers got what they deserved and the whalers are entitled to defend themselves. The whale lovers versions are so slanted and untruthful we are fortunate to have this tape to see the truth. When you repeatedly put yourself on a collision course you can expect a collision. On top of the fact the whale lovers have lost all sense of reality or truthfulness, they also appear to be basking in the glory of the show series, so I think we may also conclude this is little more than showmanship on their part. What if someone had died in this moronic little stunt?

  11. I am against this research whaling but the video shows rapid thrust by the Ady Gil. If they were trying to go in reverse there would be less white water at the stern as the white water would be directed under the boat towards the bow. Slaughtering 1500 whales is bs. What is next? If this poorly executed ramp up continues I see lives being lost. Gotta do this some other way guys. Now!

  12. Bob Battle says:

    Nothing funny about the Japanese ship swerving into the smaller boat. Yes they were trying to put a rope in the water to foul the prop of the Japanese whaler, not sink them. Unlike the Jap captain. And I do care for the whales more than I do the their killers and whether the Japanese get to eat some whale meat as a status symbol. They won’t starve to death. Who the heck believes that “research” sign on the whaling ship? Let them buy farmed fish from China. These Japs would drive them to extinction without a second thought. I plan to donate to Sea Shepherd. You should too if you had any convictions.

  13. Sorry Bob Battle, but I think Watson is a criminal who should spend the rest of his days in prison. Read about the deaths he’s caused sometime. Going back to the horse that was beat to death last season, when those 2 morons went aboard the Japanese ship, they’re lucky I wasn’t there. As far as I’m concerned, they would have been considered pirates at that moment and Watson would have fished their dead carcasses out of the water (kind of ironic huh?). One other problem for me is that the US has become a nation of whiny, crybaby, sissies over the last 30 years and I don’t donate to causes because things don’t “feel” right. When you can show me your degrees in oceanography and whatever else and prove to me that the death of a whale will cause irreversible damage to the ocean or elsewhere, then we’ll talk. Until then, you don’t have an argument!

  14. The Addy Gil was trying to maneuver towards the ship. The Propeller propulsion shows forward motion as does the wake. The history over the last few days is having the Ady Gill get in close enough to foul the Japanese ships propellers or to throw acid on the Japanese decks. Play with a bull and make a mistake and you like the Ady Gil might find you were gored and the bull never even attempted to horn you. There is no way the Japanese vessel swung into the Ady Kil. Been around boats for most of my life and all signals here are the Ady Gill impaled herself.

  15. All political, emotional, and moral points aside–that was some extraordinarily bad seamanship. There simply doesn’t (didn’t) exist a seacraft better able to avoid a collision than the Earthrace. I am ticked, personally, to see such a historically significant boat destroyed for the sake of publicity.

  16. Hello Phil.

    The Ady Gil video shows her travel up the port side of the Ship,swing across the bow as the ships alarm sounds in warning, then to the starboard side. Once on the starboard side she stops and swings her own bow towards the Japanese ship. Then the Ady Gil stern shows forward propulsion, according to her wake and propeller frothing. You also see the crew of the Ady Gil scurrying back from the bow. Looks like they tried to get in closer so they could foul the Japanese ship props or to throw more acid filled bottles aboard the Ady Gil, which is something, Watson bragged about in the past. Looks like the Ady Gil impaled herself onto the Japanese bow. Meanwhile Fake Captain Watson who has no nautical papers as a Captain is 500 nautical miles away . Same trick applied by Watson here in Nova Scotia when the Canadian Coast guard boarded the Farley Mowat. “Fake” Captain Paul “Nemo” Watson was in New York and the real Captain plus first mate faced the music for endangerment of sealers of Nova Scotia’s ice floes.

    I stand in awe of the fact that a megalomaniac like Watson can sucker so many folks consistently. How real Captains can risk their careers & lives for the likes of Watson, is astounding to me. You are also right about the Earth Race. Beautiful boat that was destroyed as easily as a First Mate/Captain’s career to satisfy a sea pirates sense of self importance.

  17. Andy Gill says:

    How can a fast, light vessle be hit by a big, slow one? By being in front of it deliberately, perhaps.
    And how come activists get furious over a few hundred whales being killed, while say 70000 moose are hunted each year in Sweden alone? Maybe anti-whaling is sexier than anti-hunting on land? Do you think the animals on land suffer less when they are wounded but not killed? And bullfighting… Best not to mention. Fundraising for pirates is easier than most fundraising too, isn’t it? My opinion…

  18. BigPapa1717 says:

    Funny as hell!!! The Sea Shephards….. completely unemployable children with Art History degrees and no desire to earn an honest living. One of my kids becomes a useless waste of space like these morons and I’ll disown his sorry ass.

  19. fu manchu says:

    #1 F*** the Japanese whaling fleet.

    #2 The Sea Shepherds couldn’t be more ineffective.

    #3 LMAO at the Sea Shepherd Crew

    #4 LMAO at BigPapa’s spelling.

  20. norm hoznor says:

    Its too bad they didnt sink all the sea shepards they are a bunch of numb skulls. That nut Bethune was under way not standing still. Ships don’t leave a wake or prop wash unless they are under way! Sink them all I say. They are nothing more than eco terrorists!

  21. nathan sumner says:

    As a ship captain, I find the actions of the Addy Gil absolutely rediculous. You do NOT under ANY circumstances pilot a highly maneuverable, lightweight ship in near the bow of a heavy, less manuverable ship. In my opinion, the captain of the Addy Gil should have his captain license revoked for putting the lives of his crew in danger. What an IDIOT!

  22. Aleks R says:

    Ok first off ive watched the video about 20 times and i see know forward propulsion. Second off why would a man that has put pretty much his whole life into that boat speed up and get it intentionally hit, thats like me owning a Koenigsegg CCX OR Bugatti Veyron and driving it head on into a Tractor Trailer just because i don’t like the way they drive and also why would he put his crew in danger. I definetly agree that the whalers are yes not killing a lot of whales and the sea shepards are definetly not the best seaman haha. They really have no tactical or strategic skills watsoever but the captain of the ADY GIL lets not forget holds the record for being the fastest to sail around the world, so he’s no rookie. Yes they may have fired up there engines but that was probably a frantic last dirch effort to get out of the way. They also had a high ranking official take a look at the tape and he said it was bad choice on both of the boats parts but that the jap vessel did turn into the Ady Gil. Honestly i would like to see the Japenese company pay for his boat and Captianh Pete withdrawl his boat from the campaign.

  23. Chase Sosderholm (find me) says:

    RE: stray- anytime you remove a predator from the food chain it has irreversible effects I could continue and elaborate on this but I don’t think you’ll get it. Read a book about ecosystems you idiot. Then we won’t have an argument, you’ll just feel like a typical loud mouth American. Hope your ignorance helps you sleep, at least.

  24. ballyskid says:

    The Japanese ship ran deliberately into the Addy Gil, there was no forward motion of the ship. If, you watch the footage from the Bob Barker, you will see it. They were dead in the water due to the fact that they were out of gas. Therefore, they could not have moved into the path of the Japanese ship.

  25. If you see the episode when it airs, I believe the most important part is the 5 minutes leading up to the impact. The Addy Gil crew had just finished harassing the Japanese fleet for hours or days. They should be really aware of whats going on around them. Instead they are on the rear deck of the Addy Gil laughing and celebrating. “Oh no , L rads !!! hahah”

    They were caught with there pants down. They have no one to blame but themselves. When you are in a battle situation, as they were, you can never let down your guard.

    And yes. They were moving forward at at least idle speeed.

  26. Visual DJ says:

    I think we should defend these whales against illegal poaching with FORCE just like we do in most parts of the world. Just send 1 U.S. Carrier over there with clearance to sink poaching vessels. Problem solved.

  27. JumboZoom says:

    the Ady Gil is not moving dip-shit!! The damned captain is on top of the boat and they were out of fuel to boot!!

  28. JumboZoom says:

    To the idiot wondering why they don’t get upset about killing moose:

    1) It is LEGAL to hunt moose.
    2( Moose are not on the endangered species list.
    3) Moose are over populated already to the point that they are coming into town and attacking people.

  29. Yo the addy was out of gas dipps, watch the show!

  30. PERHAPS YOU IDIOTS SHOULD LOOK AT FILM FROM BOTH SIDES. The Addy Gil was not moving, the crew was actually sitting on the deck, they have the film.
    They were rammed and that is criminal as is whaling.

  31. rory calhoun says:

    maybe if those hippie wannabes actually used logic, they’d figure out the insanity of their daily lives… playing cat and mouse games in Antartica may be a cool story to tell over a beer with the other alcoholics in kiwi and aussie land, but those living in reality know this is just one more example of a futile plan….

    and let’s face it, every time that ‘admiral’ wolfs down on a whopper while in port really makes his goal pointless…. those fat orcas are the real chicken of the ocean… a lil’ bit of soy, whale is delish! 😀

  32. Adam Zavas says:

    There’s a lot of good comments here, but a few miss information items I want to clear up:

    1) The Ady Gill is moving forward when it happens. (Very slowly of course, this can be seen in the footage from the Jap. vessel. Footage from the Bob barker shows the Whale vessel turning into the Ady to collide.) Thus both are at fault.

    2) The Ady was NOT dropping a prop foul line when this happened. (They had dropped it earlier in front of the big whale ship) They were all sitting outside making wise crack about the whaling vessels use of the LRAD device.) When they should have been thinking about getting out of the way of the big ship heading for them. They had plenty of time, they were just being cocky and didn’t believe the ship would actually ram them.

    3) The Japanese whale vessel didn’t intend in hitting them, but more like was trying to graze them. (I give props to the Captain of the Ady Gill, because he admits that this is likely what they were attempting.) But because the Addy Gill moved forward at the last minute, it became more than a graze, it cut 5-10 feet off the front. If they hadn’t been so cocky they could have gotten out the way a long time before the whale vessel got anywhere near. After all their boat is very fast.

    4) For those that don’t think the Ady was moving look at the video from the whale boat. Use the boat as a point of reference and notice the movement of the water directly behind the boat, it is moving out from underneath the vessel. Which is what happens when a vessel is traveling forward. (Video from the Bob Barker is not sufficient, you can’t compare a boats movements against waves which are also moving objects. That is why it looks like it wasn’t moving in this video.) Also some have said it wasn’t moving because they were all outside, well the boat can hold a constant speed without anyone needing to hold the throttle. This is the way it is on all boats, not like a gas pedal that will spring back if you let go of it.

    5) This action was completely provoked. (Not only from that day, but also from the previous campaign.) The Protesters rammed there ship into the whale ship first. Of course those ships were of comparable size, but non the less the point is that after they get there ship hit, they get on the Radio and start chewing out the whales for endangering lives. That is complete CRAP. You can’t RAM into a ship full of whalers, using a ship full of protesters, endangering the lives of people on both boats, and then have the audacity to lecture them for endangering the lives of a few. THE BIAS THESE PROTESTERS HAVE IS RIDICULOUS, AND MOST OF ALL IT”S PLAIN DISHONEST.

    6) HUMAN LIFE SHOULD ALWAYS BE MORE VALUABLE THAN ANIMAL LIFE!!!! I can list many times the captains have endangered the lives of there crew for no reason at all. They use there excuse, that, “You should be willing to lay down your lives to protect the whales.” But that is not the case in any of these situations, it’s usually risking your lives for something that could just as easily be done safely. Many of the things are just do to lack of experience. Here are a few examples:

  33. a) In one instance they flip over a boat of people as they load it off the deck and into the water. Why? Because the guy operating the bow line lacked experience. A bow line (or Tag Line as we call them) is supposed to be kept taught, in order to keep the suspended object facing straight. But in this case the guy thinks all you have to do is hold the rope, so he couldn’t understand why anyone was blaming him.
  34. b) This problem ties into the previous. The guy holding the line was the second in command of the ship. One of the most dangerous things you can have is an incompetent leader. He was chosen, not for his skills knowledge or common sense, but simply because he was a friend of the captain. This is not how you determine who is in charge when safety is paramount.
  35. c) Once again the same person is left to navigate the ship through an ice field. Ice can rip right through a hull and sink the boat killing everyone on board. But yet they have the lives of everyone on board in the hands of a guy with zero competence. (Of course most people on this ship don’t know enough about sea faring or the strength of a hull to know how dangerous of a situation they are in.
  36. Food for thought: What would happen if the Japanese threw stink bombs and slippery powder on to the decks of the protestor’s ships? Give them a taste of their own medicine? I bet they would still cry that that was unfair too.

    Lastly: I think whaling should be fine, we kill cows for beef steaks, they kill whales for whale steaks. I am surprised that protestors have a problem with killing whales, but not with killing cows, or killing chickens, or tuna fish for that matter. What, only pretty animals are worth protecting? Plus, animals kill animals all the time, maybe they should go protest against a lion for eating a gazelle, and against a shark for eating a whale. This is the circle of life people, killing for food is ok, killing for research is wrong. They’ve got it all “bass ackwards!!”

  • Adam Zavas says:

    1) The Ady was LOW on gas, but NOT COMPLETELY out of gas.

  • Whale Lover says:

    The Japanese creeps need to be brought up on charges of attempted murder on 6 individuals!!!!!! That is EXACTLY what it was!!!!!!!!!

    I was so much in tears when I saw those beautiful creatures being drawn up on the Whaling ship! There is nothing more beautiful or amazing to whatch, than one of these graceful HUGE creatures! My hat is off to the Sea Shepherds….I just hope they are able to stop these water raping creeps!!!!!

  • Whale Lover says:

    [Lastly: I think whaling should be fine, we kill cows for beef steaks, they kill whales for whale steaks. I am surprised that protestors have a problem with killing whales, but not with killing cows, or killing chickens, or tuna fish for that matter. What, only pretty animals are worth protecting? Plus, animals kill animals all the time, maybe they should go protest against a lion for eating a gazelle, and against a shark for eating a whale. This is the circle of life people, killing for food is ok, killing for research is wrong. They’ve got it all “bass ackwards!!”]

    OMG are you rediculously stupid? Do you have any idea the gestation of a whale vs a cow????? What the statics are on survival of a calf in the wild, much less in captivity??????? AGAIN…vs a cow????? Oh yeah we raise pigs for slaughter too, but we are NOT able to raise whales for slaughter…you are amazingly misinformed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only are they not slaughtering whales for steaks, but they are selling the whale products back to us as we lose a huge source of creatures from our waters WORLD WIDE!!!!!!! Yes, these whales travel the globe!!! Whales are one of the second most intelligent creatures on Earth….how about raising humans for slaughter….would that be a good thing? WOW!!!!!!!!!!! This is NOT the circle of life….it is the CIRCLE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!! It’s the ONLY reason they slaughter whales!!!!!!!! Money cannot bring back extinct animals!!!!!!!!!

  • Whale Lover says:

    statics = statistics….for those that wondered…I was just too angry to proof read my post!

  • smart person says:

    wow you guys are retarded they are only trying to stop commercial whaling which is illegal they are violent the captain was shot once but his badge protected him and the whales are starting to become extinct because of whalers so ha

  • The Jap ship must of seen them. They knew what the were doing.

  • punk hippies on tv. thats all this is,, there after there 15 minutes of glory. they do not really care about the whales… they spend more on pot and beer than the Whalers make.. I spent my naval career as a small boat specialist, An individual that let his ship get hit by a large slower vessel would go to prison in the USN, that jerk in charge of the smaller ship will be laughted at by the maritine community for years to come… The japs are really being gental, we where told Green Peace was coming to attack our ships one time. we layed out the fire hoses and loaded our shotguns incase one made it onboard. Consider that you punks

  • Paul Watson, currently docked in Melbourne’s docklands. This man is a criminal, he wear on the side of his vessel 8 flags of the ships he has sent to the bottom. He has total disregard for his crew and the crew of other vessels.
    He should not be allowed in Australian waters. The Ady Gill was clearly impeading the passage of the larger vessel and was under way at the time of the collision, therfore in the wrong.
    How irresponsible to put people’s life at risk in the southern ocean, Mr Watson will inevitably kill more people, most probally members of his own crew. Lock this man up and impound all of the vessels that sail under the Sea sheppard org’s name, before another disaster happens.
    Greenpeace have distanced themself from Mr Watson’s organization. The Jap’s may be pigs for what they insist on doing to our whales, but let them save face and ask thier own courts and people is this practise should continue. Not a reckless cowboy with too much money, in his bank.

  • Peope need to get some morals says:

    I do not understand as a person how people can talk down about a bunch of people going out to try to save an endangered species. The hump back is endangered and the whaling fleet is taking 50 a year. This mean’s my kids may never have a chance to see them. All for money’ Is it right for us to kill off a hole species and leave nothing for our kids? All for money that will be spent long before the next generation is here. Do people not understand we are killing the world for Paper we made up how stupid can humans be something we made up is worth more to us then the world we live in and the Whales who do not hurt us in anyway. All they do is bring a smile to the face of every person who see’s them. But for some reason some people will sit on the Internet doing nothing and talk down about people who are trying to stop it.

    In this instance the boat from Japan clearly turns. This is not good when a boat there size hits a boat as small as the Addy they could have killed the crew and are damn lucky they did not do so. I find it funny how you all talk about what happened in the last seconds. The Addy was in the same spot for a long time and watched all the other ships go by the boat that hit them was the last boat to pass there is no reason for them to even come anywhere near that close to a boat sitting in the water doing nothing almost out of fuel. Watch the whole show. The boat from japan could have turned away 500 yards before impact but no they went right at them. I guess the same people who sit on there computer talking trash about people trying to make a diff in the world cannot think more then just what the Video shows them. What a Surprise that is.

    I love when people compare Whales to cows and such things that we control the population of and say it is the same thing. Or say it is a part of there culture well in the USA we could say there culture is slavery .SWo is it ok to have slavery today? Hell no. Some things in cultures should be learned about in school and that’s it.

    Fact of the matter is they are killing a massive amount of whales in the name of research for profit and someone has to stop it. To tell you the truth the person who said a person life should always come before that of a whale; you really have to sit back and think about the world we live in .Whales are not destroying the Earth. We are. Whales are not killing off whole species. We are.

    I wish there was something out there that would hunt humans just for a bit to show people what it would be like to have your whole world taken away for nothing. Whales will swim towards boats and come play in front of you. They’re massive, smart and gentle. Shooting a harpoon that explodes on impact into it and making it suffer for up to an hour trying to get away as it drowns on its own blood is just plain wrong. I truly hope someone sinks their ships and everyone involved dies right there in the oceans as the whales play around them. A person lives on average 65 years and has a huge impact on the world around them and in most case’s it is a bad one. A whale can live over 150 years and has little to no impact on the world around them and we think we are superior. Time to get our heads out of the sand before it is too late.

  • Trevor Rose says:

    Andrew Barrett –
    What do you think people should do? Let Green Peace go there and watch as the Whales get killed? Thank God Mr Watson has the balls to do something about it and if people have to die, well that’s fine. Whales are dying all the time. What make us better then them? Some people need to get some morals. Whales do nothing to harm humans but we decide to kill every one of them that’s in the Ocean. Until people start to understand that we should not kill things for money someone has to do the work Mr Watson is doing. Too funny watching people like you blame everything that happens on them and let Japan off the hook. Explain to me when the Addy was sitting in the water as 5 boats went by why did that ship go on the same path as a boat sitting in the water they could have picked a diff course long before they ever got to the Addy and that is the truth

  • KevinKinder says:

    I would kill 3 whales for a dairy queen blizzard.

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