Little Penguin Loves Belly Rubs

Meet Cookie, also known as the “Little Penguin”.  Cookie is a celebrity at the Cincinnati Zoo. The little penguin became a celebrity after a Guest Keeper filmed a video, in 2010, of Cookie getting a belly rub and making sounds of glee while getting it. The video took almost a year to go viral, but when it did it amassed more than 8 million views.  The publicity was great for the Cincinnati Zoo and even spawned a Facebook page “run by” Cookie.

“Little Penguin” (also known as Fairy Penguin) is a particular type of penguin that is smaller than others. Little Penguins generally stay in shallow waters near the shore and hunt small fish. In this video you have to wait until  near the end to see the belly rub, but it is worth it. Enjoy!

Little Penguin Loves Belly Rubs

Cookie the Little Penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo

Cookie is a "Little Penguin" and the mascot of the Zoo Bird House. I shot this video while working there as a Guest Keeper for book research and for my blog, "Parrot Nation." For more on Cookie and other birds, See my blog, ""

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