Beatboxing Chipmunk

There are a plethora of great videos on YouTube that feature humans who have excellent beatboxing skills. It’s much more rare, however, to see a chipmunk with great beatboxing skills. Ladies and gentlemen – I introduce you to “The Beatboxing Chipmunk!” That’s right, this is your rare opportunity to be one of the few people in the world to see an actual video of a chipmunk that uses his hands, cheeks, and mouth to really put out some great beats that will keep you dancing the night away! In some countries, seeing a beatboxing chipmunk is supposed to bring you great luck for 24 hours! Hopefully that luck ends up blessing you. Enjoy…

Beatboxing Chipmunk


Beatboxing Chipmunk - Walk on the Wild Side

This is the hilarious (in my opinion) beatboxing chipmunk clip from BBCs Episode 4 of Walk on the Wild Side! I couldnt find anyone else that uploaded this so i thought i would do it myself.

I think its absolute quality!


You can watch previous episodes with the BBCi player.

The link is currently as followed, although it could change:

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