Girl vs Lion at Wellington Zoo in New Zealand

In New Zealand a girl and lion are facing off with safety glass in-between them. The lion towers over the girl even though she is standing and he is sitting. After a few moments the lion lunges its paws at the glass, pawing real quick trying to get to the girl. Most news casts proclaim the girl to be brave and not flinch, but to us she appears to be stunned as it happens so quick. Either way, the girl, the lion and New Zealand’s Wellington Zoo are now Internet sensations thanks to this lion vs. girl video.

Girl vs. Lion at New Zealand Wellington Zoo

One News: Toddler Unfazed By Lion Encounter

Nerves of steel and safety glass are what you need when face to face with a lion and three year old Sophia Walker benefited from both during a close encounter with one of the Wellington Zoo's lions.

Sophia's mum filmed the interaction with the little girl barely flinching in her face off with six year old lion Malik. Zoo staff say Sophia was never in any danger with the enclosure glass thirty three millimetres thick and designed not to shatter or break.

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