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Usually we publish funny videos, but this one is more serious. On August 18, Kahn the Cat had unexpected heart failure at only 4-years old. Fluid buildup in his lungs was making it near impossible for him to breathe. The vet diagnosis was bad… Kahn would likely die within hours. Euthanization was the most realistic option, but there was one more option… drive Kahn an hour away to the state-of-the-art vet hospital at Oregon State University. However, it was more than likely that Kahn would suffocate on the way and die. In addition, the vet bills would be very expensive.

Kahn is our cat. He was a shelter rescue cat that we got as a kitten. We’ve featured several videos of him here before, that you can find here.

At first we chose to euthanize Kahn so that he could die peacefully with family. We made the decision while he was in the oxygen chamber unresponsive to everything around him. But at the moment of the decision, Kahn turned his head and briefly looked as us. We changed our mine. Within two minutes Kahn was loaded into the car and the air conditioners were turned on full blast. We had to give Kahn the chance even though he wasn’t expected to survive the trip. The vet looked at Kahn and commanded him… “You Make It.”

An hour later, we arrived with Kahn in respiratory distress. He had survived the trip… barely.  Now it was all about saving him. We were immediately checked in and the wait began…

Kahn spent two days in the Intensive Care Unit at the Lois Bates Acheson Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Oregon State University. But he survived.

Kahn is now on four medications with a life expectancy of 4-12 months. But he’s back to his normal self and plans on exceeding those expectations.

In order to raise money to pay for his hospitalization, bills, and care, we decided to quickly create a 28-page picture book called “Yes We Kahn” with the mission of raising money for Kahn’s vet bills and for charities that help others in similar situations. It’s a new concept (or KAHNcept) where the book royalties aren’t  for us, but rather for Kahn and other cats. We felt that it would be nice for people to get something for their help.

Kahn’s book has been released on Amazon.com. It is called “Yes We Kahn” with the mission of raising enough money to pay for his bills then directing further royalties to other charities. But this won’t succeed without your help. You can help by buying the book, sharing the video, linking to the book, and reviewing the book. Every little bit helps and Kahn greatly appreciates it.

Here is the book trailer for “Yes We Kahn”…


"Yes We Kahn" Book Trailer to Save Cat


From the back cover:

"Have you ever known someone who had to make the agonizing decision on whether to euthanize a pet? Perhaps the cost of emergency care was a consideration in the decision?

On August 18, 2014, four-year-old Kahn the Cat was taken to the vet because he made a gurgling sound when he breathed.

From there, everything went downhill fast.

The vet determined that Kahn’s lungs were filled with fluid and his chances of living were bleak. The choices were to euthanize or attempt to transport Kahn an hour away to Oregon State University’s advanced vet hospital. His chances of surviving the trip were very low and the vet bills would be very high.

The initial choice was to euthanize Kahn so that he could be surrounded by family and die peacefully. But Kahn is a fighter. If he could survive that one hour, then surely it was worth the risk.

“Yes We Kahn” is a photo book assembled within two weeks of Kahn’s ordeal to help pay for his emergency vet bills. It’s a social experiment to see if people will buy a book to help out a cat they don’t know. And if this social experiment works, then another book will be released outlining how it was done in order to help other pet owners come up with fund-raising ideas after a pet medical emergency."

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