Charlie the Unicorn Craze (Candy Mountain, Fan Videos, Etc.)

(Very Funny Videos) One of the biggest sensations ever on YouTube is the two Charlie the Unicorn animated videos. The videos have an addictive humor about them that causes people to imitate the dialogue even long after viewing the videos. Below we have seven videos to show you. The first two are the official Charlie the Unicorn videos. The third and fourth videos were promotions the creators made, at YouTube’s request, for the YouTube Live event.  The last three videos are all fan made videos. Enjoy!…

Video #1: Charlie the Unicorn (Candy Mountain)

Video #2: Charlie the Unicorn 2

Video #3: Charlie the Unicorn YouTube Live Promo #1

Video #4: Charlie the Unicorn YouTube Live Promo #2

Video #5: Teens Imitating Charlie the Unicorn Movie

Video #6: Charlie the Unicorn Candy Mountain Song Played on the Piano

Video #7: Charlie the Unicorn Performed by Humans
(using different voices)

Are you a Charlie the Unicorn fan?

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Who is doing the judging?? One of the worst videos I’ve seen ! I thought I would watch it to the end hoping for something “Magical” to happen, never did.

Two fine

That was just plain hhoorrriibbleee


A total waste of time. Watched the first video to the end hoping that it would improve. Sadly that didnt happen. Not to be watched by me ever again.


I actually can’t believe that anyone thinks these things are funny? It’s the most purile thing I’ve ever seen and that’s an insult to children!!!

lorene hall

i think that it is not suitable for my children and i will not let them wATCH IT BECAUSE THE WORD FREAK AND CHARLIE IS ALWAYS ACTING BAD AND GLOOMY.


Pretty funny, I usually watch these on Youtube, and can’t wait until a next one comes out, cause they are fun to watch!