Walt Disney Donald Duck Pay Income Taxes Cartoon

Here’s a rare look at an old Walt Disney Cartoon that was created in 1943 for the US Department of Treasury with the purpose of encouraging Americans to pay their income taxes. The name of the cartoon is “The New Spirit” and was even nominated for an Academy Award for “Best Documentary”. It’s a great look at the early Disney influence and how the government was able to tap into that to help the public understand the importance of paying taxes. Enjoy…


Pay Your Income Tax: 1943 Disney Propoganda

Funded and approved by the US Department of Treasury in 1943, this Disney featurette called "The New Spirit" was to encourage every good American to do his "duty" and pay his taxes, which, at this time, were at an all time high. Those who do not wish to pay or don't pay it gladly are depicted as friends of Hitler and enemies of liberty and democracy.

Contrary to what has been stated on other posts of this film, it was never "banned" by anyone. Not only was it approved by the Treasury Secretary, it received an Academy Award nomination for "Best Documentary Feature." Even President Roosevelt himself had a hand in approving Donald Duck as the main character.

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