Google Launches Morse Code for Phones – Gmail Tap

(April 1, 2012) Google today has released a new solution to messaging that substitutes a keyboard for a dash and dot, allowing you to quickly send messages using┬áMorse┬ácode with only two buttons. The new feature is called “Gmail Tap”.

The process is revolutionary because as devices get smaller, being able to use a virtual keyboard to send messages gets more difficult. With the Gmail tap, there are only two keys that are used for sending Morse code. A simple dash (-) and dot (.). It may take some people awhile to learn, but once it is learned, the possibilities and simplicity of using it are infinite. Here’s a video displaying it:

Google Morse Code for Phones – Gmail Tap

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Introducing Gmail Tap

Tap into the future of productivity with Gmail Tap for Android and iOS. Double your typing speed with this revolutionary new keyboard.

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