Funny April Fools Joke Played on Teacher

This is one of the best April Fools jokes ever played on a teacher.

Here’s the setup:

The teacher doesn’t allow cell phones in his class. If a student’s cell phone rings while they are in class then the student is required to take out the cell phone, but it on speaker phone, and allow the whole class to listen in on the conversation.

Of course, this rule creates the perfect opportunity to play an April Fool’s joke. On April Fool’s day, a female student’s phone rings in class. Per the rules of the teacher, she gets her cell phone and puts in on speaker. What happens next is one of the greatest April Fool’s jokes ever played on a teacher.

Warning: The audio on this video is very loud, so you may want to turn down your speakers a bit before playing it:

Funny April Fools Joke Played on Teacher


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Aquinas College students play a prank on their hilarious Macroeconomics professor! (Grand Rapids, MI)

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If you're wearing headphones, turn down the volume a bit, it starts loudly. Turn on annotations for closed captions.

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