Very Funny Videos to Post User Video Submissions

(June 23, 2014) Have you produced a video on YouTube (or another video service) that you think is funny? If so, we want to hear from you!

To celebrate it’s 5 year anniversary, Very Funny Videos ( will begin accepting and publishing funny user video submissions in a new category called, “User Videos.”

Here’s how it works:

1) The video creator sends us a link to their video.

2) Along with a link, they provide more insight into the video (like why they created it).

3) We post select videos on a regular basis. All videos will appear in the category “User Videos” and have “User Video” appear before title (i.e. “User Video: My Cat Singing to a Parrot”)

So if you are a creator of funny videos, begin submitting them to There are a few things you should know to improve your chances at seeing your video on the Very Funny Videos Website:

1) Videos cannot contain profanity, nudity, or glorify drug use or violence. If there is profanity in the video but it is bleeped out, that is OK.

2) The more insight you give into your video (why you made it, how you did it, etc.), the better chance we will use it.

3) The video must be your own!

4) Please don’t submit the video unless it is funny. We generally don’t consider people getting hurt as “funny”.

This new service is our way of rewarding those of you who produce funny videos, but never see them get the attention they deserve.

Now it’s rare that we ever do a post without including a video, so we are going to include three recent user video submissions below. Enjoy!

Some Recent User Video Submissions

> User Video: Ripper the Clown Paranormal Investigation Video


> User Video: Cat Opens Door


 > User Video: Dogs Can Be Stupid

Now submit your video – Remember to include a description of the video and to give us more insight into your video.

Ripper the Clown: funny video spoof of scary Paranormal Investigation TV shows: ghost spirits EVPs

Ripper the Clown and Company parody popular paranormal TV shows such as The Dead Files and Ghost Hunters.

And watch for the scene where Ripper almost knocked himself out while jumping backwards into a closet!

Video stars Brittany Ross and Albert King

Rogue Shirt: by

Screw You! sunglasses by

Copyright 2014, Ripper the Clown.

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