HelloFlo – First Moon Party Video

Three weeks ago, a company named HelloFlo released a video on YouTube that quickly shot to the top of the charts. Called “First Moon Party,” the video shows what happens to a girl who fakes her first period. In its first three weeks of release, the video has amassed 25 million views and has gotten…

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Parents Asked Harry Potter Questions

One of the most popular vacation destinations this summer is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Diogenes Alley at Universal Studios in Orlando. So the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon thought it would be a good idea to go there and see just how much parents knew about Harry Potter. Here’s how it went…

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Magic Pill Helps People with Drama Issues

Do you know someone who has a lot of drama in their life? You see that drama in person, you see it on Facebook, and you hear it on the phone? Drama, drama, DRAMA! Perhaps you think they would make a good reality television contestant because their life mirrors the ones you see on TV.…

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