Wii Dating – Spoof on Wii and Dating

(Funny Dating Videos) This is one of the best dating spoofs ever created. It is called "Wii Dating" and shows what can happen when you have the Wii Dating team help you succeed at dating and finding love. … [Read more...]

eHarmony Spoof

(YouTube Funny Video Clips) This is a spoof of the old eHarmony commercials that were against a white background. A lot of people have had fun spoofing those commercials. This is one of the most popular. … [Read more...]

Dating in the Dark Spoof

(Free Funny Videos) People who have been watching the ABC reality series "Dating in the Dark" will appreciate this spoof of the show which is called "Dining in the Dark". Which food will one man choose as … [Read more...]

The Guiltless Cheesecake Date

(Funny Dating Videos) In this MADtv sketch a guy and a girl are out on a first date. The girl had told him that she was a comedian but all of her jokes fall flat during the date. And when she's being … [Read more...]

Lindsay Lohan eHarmony Profile Commercial

(Funny Videos) This is a funny spoof of eHarmony. It's a Lindsay Lohan eHarmony commercial with Lindsay Lohan looking for love and outlining exactly what she's looking for in a man, what she expects, and … [Read more...]