Valentine’s Day – Romantic Cliches

This is a funny video that starts off a bit slow but gets better as it goes along. For Valentine’s Day, the video explores “Romantic Cliches in Real Life.” There’s how you picture your romantic gesture going and then there’s the reality of what it looks like. This video shows both – how you expect…

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In Memory of Ryan Arnold – Liver Donor

Normally YouTube Funny Video Clips focuses on videos that reflect the title – funny video clips that are featured on YouTube. Today, however, we are breaking away from that. We have for you an inspirational story of ultimate sacrifice and it’s a news video, not a YouTube video. However, we felt so strongly about sharing…

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LBTV – Indecent Proposal – Episode #1

lonelybloggers asked: LBTV is a 7 episode viral video series. Make sure to watch them in sequence. is a new free dating site and we need to be really creative to get the word out. Kyle has been filming promotional videos for us the last couple of months and we have asked him and…

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