Military Commandos Stuck in Mud

(Funny Military Videos) One maneuver that marines and other military have to practice is beach landings; the ability to make a quick entrance onto a beach and secure an area. The only problem in this … [Read more...]

Saints Row 2 – secret military base

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!! I do know that this is not a secret base, its a mission, so i dont need people to post comments telling me what i know. When i first found this i didn't know it was a mission, thats … [Read more...]

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Comienzo de la Edinburgh Military Tattoo del año 1998 … [Read more...]

American WARNING

We support our military because we know there is good in you. You are our family. Our brothers, sisters & cousins. You are our sons. You are our daughters. Our fathers. Here is a letter to you from Robert … [Read more...]

CNN Larry King Live – UFOs: Are They for Real?. Part 1-4

L.A., November 09, 2007 LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, close encounters with UFOS -- is national security on the line? High ranking government and military officials from around the world have seen what you … [Read more...]