Pleo At Sea World 2008

Wait/fast fowards 2 minutes into it to see the best part! I took my Pleo to Sea World more so in an experiment to see what the animals thought of her rather than just for fun. Though it was a lot of fun too. Things I learned: Moray eels see Pleo as a threat Reef…

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Ultra Kawaii – The Cute Games – Bunny Weightlifting

Let’s flex those cute muscles! These weightlifting pets are true contenders in the cutest games on the planet. Yes, the Olympic Summer Games have inspired a whole new class of competition on Ultra Kawaii, including the invisible barbell competition. Who do you think deserves to win the gold medal of cute? Please vote with your…

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Ultra Kawaii – Hut Hut Hike: Sporty Pets!

Hut Hut Hike! It’s time for some sports-fan pets from across the globe! Including a kitten-cutey soccer match courtesy of the fine people at Off The Wall Entertainment. You can check out their website at! Thanks to all the sporty cute puppies and sporty funny cats featured in this episode: Maceo, Piko, Wampler, Vilification,…

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