Short Film – Hard Times

As a person ages, they are given the opportunity to reflect on their life and what has brought them to this particular moment. That's the focus of this short film where a husband is up early, standing by … [Read more...]

Short Social Media Film – What’s on Your Mind?

This is an interesting social media film that is killing it on YouTube. Released on June 1, this short film already has more than 4 million views. We live in a faced paced social media society. Every … [Read more...]

June 6, 1944 – Frenchy’s Day at the Beach

(Short Film) It's June 6, 1944 and a Frenchman decides he's going to go to the beach in Normandy to enjoy some cheese and wine like he has done before. What could possibly be different about this … [Read more...]

Star Wars: Darth Vader in Love

This is an extremely well done short fan film called "Darth Vader in Love'. It premiered on YouTube in 2008 and, surprisingly, has only gotten just over 1.1 million views. Usually fan work like this in a … [Read more...]

The Black Mamba Film Starring Kobe Bryant

Nike is learning that spending some dough on creating a viral video can bring more traction (pun intended) than a 30 second TV commercial. Thus, we have "The Black Mamba" - a short film that stars Kobe … [Read more...]