Brian Regan on Walkie Talkies

This is a funny stand up comedy routine by Brian Regan on the subject of Walkie Talkies. He wants to know, for one, how in the world it got it’s name and why the military didn’t select a more manly name for it. What I like about Brian Regan is that not only is he funny, but he is a “clean” comedian meaning that he doesn’t curse or use off color humor in his routines. Here is Brian Regan talking about Walkie Talkies…

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Nail Salon by Anjelah Johnson (Stand Up Comedy)

(Stand Up Comedy) In this stand up comedy sketch, comedian Anjelah Johnson talks about nail salons. She tracks her experience from deciding to get her nails done through going to a place and having them done. When Anjelah is asked if she has a boyfriend, she replies “no”. The lady doing her nails knows the cause and cure…

Nail Salon – Anjelah Johnson – Comedy Time (Funny Videos)

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Video of Sarah Palin on The Tonight Show

(Tonight Show Video) Here’s video of Sarah Palin’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on March 2, 2010. During her guest appearance she did her own “opening monologue” with several jokes. Here’s Sarah Palin on The Tonight Show…

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