Cat Video Helps Britain Voters Understand Process

In journalism class, potential reporters are taught that they need to writer their articles at a level that a fifth grader could understand. Taking that concept to new heights, a video was created to help Britain voters understand the Alternative Vote process and the importance of voting. Instead of writing at a fifth grade level, they created the video so that a cat could understand it. So who will be the next Prime Minister of Britain. Will it be a cat or a dog? This video shows how only a candidate with more than 50% of the vote can win no matter how many cats and dogs are running. And it seems that in this video there is one dog running against three cats. Who will win? And, more importantly, does the video help you understand the British voting process better?…

Britain Voting Video Featuring Cats

Is your Cat confused about the alternative vote?

Are you unsure about how to vote on the 5th May? Confused about AV, the Alternative Vote, and First Past the Post? Think about how your cat must feel! This video addresses the issue in a cat friendly manner!

Here is an A-Z of responses to No campaign lies:

Reform Cat also now has? his own facebook page!
T-shirts, with vote meow in front and METAPHOR in back:

Screenshots for Battle Cat and Reform Cat supporters:

A Cat watches the video:

Created by Chris Rowe
Based on concepts by Daniel Henry and Mevan Babakar

The amazing cats are from the green screen cat challenge from SMPInteractives at:

*** DISCLAIMER *** This video is not insinuating that Dog owners are more likely to vote no, nor that dogs are inherently right wing. The video was simply made by cats, for cats, and is thus somewhat biased towards doggies. If you wish, simply substitute cat for whatever you own favourite animal may be 🙂

Thanks to Andrew Kramer for his awesome graph tutorial at

The Very first frame is from Monty Python's Confuse-a-Cat sketch. Well done if you got that reference 😉

Official campaign:
Unofficial campaign:
Awesome stuff made by supporters:

(Battle Cat is a copyright and/or trademark of Mattel and Classic Media)

alternative vote explained!

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