Cat Gets Head Stuck in Tissue Box

This is the first video of Kahn the Cat as an adult. If you click on the Kahn the Cat Tag, you can see several videos of him as a kitten, before an incident in which he was almost lost (related on his site). Kahn is a unique cat with plans to rule the world. He just relaunched his Website with a new design and his quotes as he recruits his cat army. But in the meantime, he has some other issues to deal with – like how to get his head out of a tissue box. Here’s the video:

Kahn the Cat Gets Head Stuck in Tissue Box

Cat Head Stuck in Box - Kahn the Cat

It's been awhile since we've done a Kahn the Cat video. The reason why is posted on Kahn's blog at We almost lost him on a trip to the vet when he was still a kitten and he hasn't been the same since.

But Kahn's back and his quest to take over the world as ruler of all cats and humans is back on. Captain Kirk doesn't seem to happy. But more about that in an upcoming movie. 🙂

Now Kahn is a cat that loves to get into boxes. And the smaller the box, the more he wants in. He's so cunning that he can still get through (not over - through) the kitten gate we got when he was young to keep him from getting into certain areas of the house.

If Kahn the Cat can't get into a box, he likes to at least put his head in. He's been doing it a lot with tissue boxes, so I finally grabbed the camera and filmed. He didn't disappoint!

You can follow the adventures of Kahn on his own Website:

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