Cats Take Turns Showing Off Dance Moves

There are four different cats in this video, each one taking a turn at showing off his/her “dance moves” while chasing a laser dot. The video contains 50’s dance music to bring the vibe to life. ¬†What makes this story cooler is that the cats are foster cats that are being trained to be more social in order to make them more adoptable. Many of these cats come from bad situations, so seeing them play really increases their chance of finding that “forever home”.

Cats Take Turns Showing Off Dance Moves

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Laser Dot Cat Dance

Laser Dot Cat Dance is a tribute to cat lovers and people who love music from the 50's. These cats/kittens are ready to boogy. Are you ready to dance with them?

We love cats. In addition to having our own, we foster cats and kittens in order to make them socially involved and adoptable. All the cats in this video ended up being adopted except for the all gray one. Since no one else wanted him, he became a permanent part of our family.

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Video: Laser Dot Cat Dance
Produced by: Joe Tracy
Copyright: 2013, Joe Tracy

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