Cat vs. Star Wars Darth Vader Bank

(Funny Cat and Star Wars Videos) This is my cat, Kahn. I’ve featured a few of his video clips in the past, including Kahn’s Wagging Tail and Tickle and Bite. In this video, I took my old Star Wars Darth Vader bank and set it on the ground. Now the bank activates when you either put a coin in it or press the “Star Wars” button in the lower corner. My cat put his feet on the button and when he pressed down, Darth Vader came to life. Star Wars music plays and you hear Vader say “Impressive. Most Impressive. But You’re Not a Jedi Yet.” Here is Kahn’s experience with the Darth Vader Bank…

P.S. Kahn’s Twitter Account is Here.

Cat Activates Star Wars Darth Vader Bank (Funny Cat Video)

I've had this Star Wars Darth Vader bank for years. Kahn the Cat is a lot newer. And when I set the bank on the floor, Kahn stepped on the button in the lower corner of the bank, activating it. This startled him at first and he went under the bed only to come back out of curiosity in time for Darth Vader's grand finale.

When you put coins in the bank or hit the button in the corner that says "Star Wars", Darth Vader comes to life. Star Wars music plays and Darth Vader says "Impressive. Most Impressive. But You're Not a Jedi Yet." His lightsaber then lights up and raises into the air.

Kahn the Cat has his own blog and Twitter account, which I've listed below. A big thanks for your comments and Thumbs Up. Both are greatly appreciated...

Kahn the Cat's Blog

Kahn the Cat on Twitter

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