Cute Kitten Playing in Shoebox

(Cat Videos) I’m back with another Kahn the Cat clip. This is my cat (kitten) that was rescued from a very bad situation. Kahn is quite the fun bundle and gets a lot of love in his new home. In this video, Kahn is playing in a¬†shoe box. Well, first he’s hiding in a shoebox, then he plays in it. Thank you for the positive comments and ratings on my Kahn the Cat clips. Both are greatly appreciated. Now here is “Cute Kitten Playing in a Shoe Box”…

Cute Kitten Playing in Shoebox

This is Kahn the Kitten, a very energetic and fun cat who believes he will one day rule the house (then the world). In this video, Kahn is hiding in a shoebox then pops out, but keeps playing with (and in) the shoebox. We have another video coming of him hiding in the shoe box then jumping out at the other cat who came to investigate. Pretty funny. A big thank you to those who leave positive comments and a Like vote. You are greatly appreciated.

By the way, Kahn has his own Website and Twitter account. Here are the details:

Kahn the Cat's Blog

Kahn the Cat on Twitter

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