Kahn the Cat – Tickle and Bite

Meet Kahn the Cat. He’s actually my cat (YouTube Funny Video Clips blog owner). Like my other cat, Asia, he is a rescue kitty. Kahn is a little kitten with a big attitude (or “cattitude” as I call it). Kahn can leap into trash cans and spread the contents throughout a room keeping it dirty quicker than you can clean it up. He’s quick too, easily outrunning anyone trying to catch him. Rumor is he thinks he owns the world. We’ll see. This is the first video we’ve uploaded of Kahn. It’s when I was tickling him, sort of in the fashion of the Surprised Kitty video that someone else did awhile back. When Kahn decides he’s had enough, he knows hot to tell you. Enjoy…

Tickle 'n Bite - Kahn the Cat (Kitty)

I am Kahn the Cat. My owners think I'm "cute" but they don't know my real goal is to rule the world. You can follow my progress on my blog or Twitter account, both linked below. In this video, I let my owner have fun for awhile, but I quickly tired of it and found a quick way out...

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