Kahn Versus the World Movie Trailer (Kahn the Cat)

(Cat Videos) This is the second “movie trailer” I created for my cat, Kahn. The first one was called Ninja Kitty. This one is called “Kahn Versus the World”. Kahn was a rescue kitty that was rescued from a cat hoarder who had hundreds of malnourished cats. Kahn has fit in nice with the family and until his mandatory “fixed surgery” was very active. He even has his own blog at KahnTheCat.com. I hope you enjoy this new movie trailer and some of the other Kahn videos, including “Cute Kitten in Shoebox“, “Kahn’s Wagging Tail“, and “Darth Vader Bank“. As always, thank you for your comments and ratings.

Kahn Versus the World (Kahn the Funny Cat)

This is our second movie trailer featuring Kahn the Cat. This one is called "Kahn Versus the World" and features some more funny clips of Kahn. I hope you enjoy it and I thank you for your comments.

First Kahn Movie Trailer - Ninja Kitty

Kahn the Cat has his own blog that you can visit at:

This video is also being featured on YouTube Funny Video Clips:

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