Kahn the Cat – Playing with Wagging Tail

(Funny Cat Videos) This is my second video clip of my kitten, who prefers to be called “Kahn the Cat” versus “Kahn the Kitten”. He’s a sophisticated little guy with a quest to rule the world (he gave himself the name Kahn after both Ghengis Kahn and Kahn from Star Trek). If you haven’t seen the first video clip yet, click here. And here is a link to Kahn’s blog. In this video, Kahn is playing with his tail. He has a strong wagging tail, much like his dog sister, Belle (click here to see video of my other cat playing with the dog’s strong wagging tail).

Kahn's Wagging Tail - Kahn the Cat (Kitten)

For those that don't know me, I am Kahn the Cat. Some call me Kahn the Kitten, but I feel I'm well beyond my young years in both agility and intelligence. My goal is to one day take over the world. This video - Kahn's Wagging Tail - is part of my warrior training. You can track my progress via Twitter or my Website, both listed directly below:

Kahn the Cat's Blog

Kahn the Cat on Twitter

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That is hilarious!