Kitten Gets Tackled While Playing

If you saw the video we posted a several weeks ago called Christmas Kittens then you are already familiar with the kittens in this video. At Christmastime I was filming the kittens playing. Kink was obsessed with a Santa hat and liked to get under it. So I was filming while he was under it and Kanai was playing with the top white fluffy ball on top of the hat. Kink emerges from the hat and starts to walk off with Kanai still playing in the background. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Dedos comes bounding in, grabs Kanai around the neck, and tackles him backwards. It’s quite funny, especially when you slow it down and go in closer on it as happens in this video.

You’ll be pleased to know that all three rescue kitties in this video (and the fourth one – Katmai – not seen) were adopted by loving families over a three week period.

Here is Kitten Gets Tackled

Kitten Tackle

Meet Kink (the one that comes out from the Santa hat), Kanai (the one playing with the Santa hat) and Dedos (the black kitten that does the tackle). The three of these kittens love playing together. All came in as foster kittens from the same litter (along with Katmai (not seen in this particular video).

In this video, Kink is playing inside a Santa hat and comes out as Kanai is playing with the ball on top of the Santa hat. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Dedos jumps in, grabs Kanai around the neck and tackles him! We'll have to find another video where Kanai extracts her revenge on her brother.

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And here's a video all four kittens were featured in. The video was done at Christmas time when the kittens were given their gifts. And like kittens, they know how to turn an organized area into a disaster area!

Christmas Kittens (starring all four kittens)

All four kittens have been adopted into loving homes.

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