Kitty the 13th Horror Movie Trailer

(Horror Movie Trailers) Are you ready for something really scary? OK, it may lean towards being more cute than scary, but what you are about to see is a horror movie trailer starring Kahn the Cat. If you haven’t seen Kahn’s other two movie trailers, they are Ninja Kitty and Kahn Versus the World. Kahn is my cat, a rescue kitty who has high aspirations of ruling the world as he talks about on his blog. Enjoy…

Kitty the 13th - Cute Kitten Horror Movie Trailer

Kahn the Cat has a goal of taking over the world, so he is starring in all these movies to try and gather a large fan base for his quest to be top cat and the first feline president of the world. Kahn, who named himself after the great Genghis Kahn and Star Trek's Kahn, hopes you'll join him on his quest to be best.

Kahn already has two trailers out, both listed below. This one is his third trailer. The first was an action trailer named "Ninja Kitty". The second was an adventure trailer named "Kahn Versus the World". This one is a horror trailer called Kitty the 13th. Enjoy...

First Kahn Movie Trailer - Ninja Kitty

Second Kahn Movie Trailer - Kahn Versus the World

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