Ninja Kitty Trailer – Starring Kahn the Cat

(Funny Cat Videos) If you’re a regular here then you know about Kahn the Cat. Kahn is a kitten we adopted who had been rescued from a cat hoarder and wasn’t in good condition. Some of his other videos we’ve posted here include Darth Vader Bank, Kahn’s Wagging Tail, Tickle and Bite, and Cute Kitten in Shoebox.  Each one of those are short clips so we decided to do something a bit more elaborate. A few months ago we started working on a “Ninja Kitty” video of Kahn going to Ninja Kitty Academy to fulfill his destiny. We put together a trailer video for Ninja Kitty that is featured below. We hope you enjoy it and, as always, we appreciate your positive ratings and comments. You can visit the Kahn the Cat blog here. The mini Ninja Kitty video will be posted on November 23…

Ninja Kitty Trailer Starring Kahn the Cat

This is a funny cat video trailer we put together that features Kahn the Cat. We're actually working on a 3 minute "Ninja Kitty" video and this is the official trailer for it. We plan on releasing the Ninja Kitty video on November 23, 2010. Subscribe to this account and be one of the first to see it!

A big thank you to those who have left positive comments and positive ratings on our Kahn the Cat videos. We appreciate it and so does Kahn. Cheers!

Kahn the Cat has his own blog that you can visit at:

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