Christmas Kittens Video

(December 19, 2010 – January 8, 2011 – see updates below) I’m a cat foster parent, so when cats or kittens are in need of a foster home, I’m one of many volunteers that are called upon in Oregon. The group of kittens in this video I’ve now had for two weeks and none have yet been adopted. So I put together this video to raise awareness of these kittens while trying to make it entertaining at the same time. Actually, the kittens do a good enough job of entertaining without my input.

In this video, four kittens go to bed on Christmas Eve and wake up to the wonder of Christmas Day and the presents that await them. And like normal kittens, they do a great job of turning an organized area into a disaster zone. Merry Catmus.

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Update #1: On December 20, the day after posting this video, Katmai was adopted by a couple that live in Washington as a Christmas gift for their daughter.

Update #2: On 12/23 Dedos was adopted by a couple as a Christmas gift for the girlfriend. When she saw Dedos, she fell instantly in love with him.

Update #3: Kanai – the one we thought would go first because of her unique “doll face” look was adopted on January 6, 2011 by a college student. That leaves Kink (the one with a kink in his tail) and Angelena (the mother of the litter). A couple is scheduled to look at Kink on Saturday. If that works out then all four kittens that starred in this video will have been successfully adopted.

Update #4: Kink, the one with a kink in his tail, was adopted by a young couple on January 8, 2011. That means that all the kittens that appeared in this video have now been adopted!!!! Only mommy is left (adopting out cats is much harder than kittens).

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