Downton Arby’s – A Downton Abbey Parody Spoof

You may recognize a former popular actor in this clip (hint: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mad About You, Kim Possible, Spin City). This is a video spoof of Downton Abbey called “Downton Arby’s”. It is done by a weekly comedy series called SKETCHY. This clip is set at Downton Arby’s where all the favorite Downton Abbey characters come to life in this spoof of what it’s like working in fast food. ¬†Anna and Mr. Bates are here as well as the villains, Mrs. Obrien and Thomas. Even Lady Sybil makes an “appearance”. In the video, the Downton Arbys residents are up in arm because they are about to lose their franchise if an heir cannot be found. This fun and crazy Downton Abbey parody has all the “elegant soap opera fun” as the real series. Oh… and if you haven’t figured out who the famous TV actor is that stars in this sketch… it is… Richard Kindly.

Downton Arby’s


Downton Arby s

from the excellent but not well know show 'Sketchy'

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