Frozen’s Elsa Goes to McDonalds – Forced to Sing

What happens when Frozen’s Elsa goes to a McDonalds and is told that she has to sing to get her drink? Well… she sings, of course!

There’s a plethora of funny YouTube videos popping up that take place in a drive-thru. While being a fast food drive through worker may have been monotonous and boring in the past, these days you just never know who or what will drive up to your window. I’m sure these McDonalds workers weren’t expecting to see Elsa, but it sure did make their day (especially when she started singing). That’s when you stop working, remove your headset, and take a selfie with Elsa.

Frozen’s Elsa Goes to McDonalds – Forced to Sing

Elsa goes to McDonalds

Elsa the Snow Queen from Disney's Frozen goes to McDonald's .

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