HelloFlo – First Moon Party Video

Three weeks ago, a company named HelloFlo released a video on YouTube that quickly shot to the top of the charts. Called “First Moon Party,” the video shows what happens to a girl who fakes her first period. In its first three weeks of release, the video has amassed 25 million views and has gotten widespread attention in the media. For a video that ultimately promotes a subscription service, the numbers are remarkable. And that’s because th4e “First Moon Party” video is hilarious. When a mother discovers that her daughter is faking her first period, the mom decides to play along and throws her a huge “First Moon Party.” Who thought that this moment in one’s life was cause for such celebration…

Hello Flo First Moon Party Video

First Moon Party

Here is a really funny video on what happens when a girl's mother throws her a First Moon Party in honor of her first period...

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