Origin of Knock Knock Jokes

“knock knock”

“who’s there?”


“Wendis Who?”

“Wendis the last time you heard a good knock knock joke?”

In the video below, two people┬áreenact┬áthe origin of the knock knock joke. If you’ve ever wondered about the history behind the knock knock joke… so have they. It probably went like this…

How the Knock Knock joke was born

This wasn't quite the video that we wanted to upload today, but we didn't want to go without posting a new video for much longer. Hence this.

In this video we openly wonder who it was that came up with the concept of Knock Knock jokes, and how they went about telling them to other people.

The opening with the mirror is a slight reference to RandomProdInc's latest Mirror Vlog video, and all its subsequent responses.


RandomProdInc's Mirror Vlog video:

EDIT: Oh my word. How dark is this video?! Dunno what went wrong with the lighting here.

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