Nonsense Talk to Strangers – Part 1

I think this guy (Jack) has found a new video niche that is going to start to become more popular on YouTube. Basically he approaches people (in a store or in his car) and says stuff that makes absolute no sense, but he talks like it’s factual. What we’re left with is confused people who don’t understand what he’s saying. Thus the title “Nonsense Talk”. In part one, Jack goes into a Safeway store and sets up a hidden camera. He gets a store employee to ask about Pepper, but the employee (and us for that matter) have no idea what’s he’s talking about. How does pepper relate to old ladies in speedos? The employee, confused, brings someone else in to help, but then they guy changes it to a simple question. In part 2, he drives around a parking lot talking nonsense…

Talking Nonsense Part 2 | Talking Nonsense Part 3


This is a bunch of nonsense. The poor guy had to get some help. The point of this video was to get this guy confused, to the point where he had to send someone else to help me. Then when the new employee came, I asked an easy, simple question and they all couldn't understand why the employee had a hard time understanding me. My plan worked! The Nonsense series is dedicated to my high school buddy, Jeremy Zorb. We did this stuff all the time.

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