Nonsense Talk to Strangers – Part 2

In part 1 of Nonsense Talk to Strangers, Jack asked a Safeway store employee questions about pepper that made no sense. In part 2, Jack drives around the Safeway parking lot talking total nonsense to people. He has a very factual and convincing look/tone, thus people try hard (most the time) to try and understand what he means. But the simple fact is that not even Jack knows what he means because he’s making up this nonsense talk as he goes along! Here is Jack with more nonsense talk to strangers…

Talking Nonsense Part 1 | Talking Nonsense Part 3

Nonsense 2

I speak in clear words, yet no one understands. Hmm. The Nonsense series is dedicated to my high school buddy, Jeremy Zorb. We did this stuff all the time.
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