A More Amazing Put on Pants With No Hands Video

Yesterday we shared with you an incredible video of a guy who can put his pants on while dancing and without using his hands. Many people felt that video was extremely impressive, as did we. Well, one YouTuber, Zach King, just posted a video where he shows how he puts his pants on without using his hands. And Zach King’s method is quicker and a bit more impressive.

Oh… and did we mentioned that he does all this while blindfolded? Prepare to be impressed…

A More Amazing Put on Pants With No Hands Video

Putting on Pants with no Hands

Watch a man expertly put on pants with no hands while being blindfolded in under 30 seconds.

Parody of the Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwfLgXJpQd0

Zach King Puts on Pants with no hands while blindfolded.

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