IKEA Releases Furniture Line for Dogs and Pets

Not content with just making furniture for humans, IKEA Australia announced on April 1 that it is releasing a new line of furniture just for dogs and pets. The dog furniture is supposed to help provide “early training” for humans considering having children. The video below shows some of the products from this new line of dog furniture and explains the concept behind the idea. The main focus of the video is on a new “high-chair” for dogs that makes dogs more happy when they eat and helps contain messes for humans that clean up after them. What do you think?


The IKEA HUNDSTOL dog highchair is a safe, aesthetically pleasing and reasonably priced product to accommodate the growing demand for furniture that reflects today's modern family.

The HUNDSTOL dog highchair is available from April in all IKEA stores (Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane)
Price: $59
Visit http://bit.ly/hOfGCV for more information

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