Dog Loves Leaf Blower

Have you ever been driving on a freeway and you see a car with a window rolled halfway down and a dog sticking his head out the window to feel the wind blowing against him? That’s what this next video reminds me of… except without the car.

Meet Jersey. Jersey loves food dropped from the table,  fetching balls, and sticking his face in front of a leaf blower. All typical dog stuff, right? The owners of Jersey were surprised one day when instead of running away from the leaf blower, Jersey would run to it. Like a dog sticking his head out a window, he loves the feel of the air rushing by (and through) his face. Now a dog being blasted by air head on does create some rather funny facial and ear movements as this video shows…

Dog Loves Leaf Blower

Funny Leaf Blower Dog

Our crazy dog loves the leaf blower!

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