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Dorm LifeWelcome to Dorm Life, a 46-episode Web series (split into 2 seasons called “Semesters”) that follows a group of college kids on their dorm life adventure. These are the crazy college students from dorm floor 5 South.

The slogan for Dorm Life is “We put the chool in school.” Chool. Dorm Life is described as a “mockumentary” (think of “the office: college years”) that follows the lives of several college students put on the same dorm floor. has a strict “no profanity” policy for posted videos and as such this series is rated TV-Y (except episode 1, which is PG). Episode lengths vary, but they are generally between 5-15 minutes each.

You can get Semester 1 of Dorm Life on DVD through by clicking here.

Dorm Life: Semester 1

> Episode 1: Roommates
> Episode 2: Game Night
> Episode 3: The Smell
> Episode 4: Campaign
> Episode 5: Pranks
> Episode 6: I.M. Football
> Episode 7: The Date Party
> Episode 8: Halloween
> Episode 9: The Talent Show
> Episode 10: All Nighters
> Episode 11: (T)issues
> Episode 12: Alarmed
> Episode 13: Recon Misson
> Episode 14: Come (Out) Today
> Episode 15: Turkey Drop
> Episode 16: Team Work
> Episode 17: Marshall’s New Hat
> Episode 18: Group Shot
> Episode 19: He’s Back
> Episode 20: Finals

Dorm Life: Semester 2


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