Amazon to Introduce 5 Minute Shipping Process

Breaking News: is secretly preparing a new “5 Minute Shipping” delivery system that will revolutionize the entire online ecommerce industry. We have a contact inside Amazon’s Shipping R&D department and were able to get ahold of an advanced video that shows you how this new system works (if this video gets suddenly removed, it’s because Amazon’s lawyers won in their cease and desist action in releasing info on their new shipping method).

In a nutshell, this is what we’ve been able to uncover to date: had been working on a new “drone delivery” method which would allow “same day” delivery in certain areas. However, lots of problems were arising with that system, including FAA interference and a public’s changing attitude towards drones in general. So the Amazon Shipping R&D team went back to the drawing board and came up with a new concept that would allow five minute delivery (yes, delivery!) anywhere in the United States. Here’s the video that shows how it works.

Amazon to Introduces 5 Minute Shipping


Amazon Rockets - 5 Minute Shipping

Amazon Prime Air has nothing on the Amazon Rocket Delivery. We cut the 30 minute delivery time down to 5 minutes with the new shipping system created by Zach King.

Behind the Scenes:

I shot this video by myself in less than 12 hours. I didn't have a tripod so i used boxes, I had my housemate help throw boxes off the roof of our home. The rockets were made out of cardboard pieces and hot glue. I will be putting together a Behind the Scenes video on my second channel here this week -

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Amazon Prime Airs got nothin on this.

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