CARmageddon Has Arrived!

If you’ve listened at all to the news this week then you know the huge world-wide story is all about CARmageddon (the closing of Los Angeles 405 freeway for 53 hours) and the impending doom that will result from the closure. The media has lavished countless hours of attention on the subject making it seem like a world-wide disaster was about to hit. It’s Y2K all over again!

So in honor of the media outbursts, I’ve creating this Breaking News CARmegeddon report on the arrival of this disaster that has struck Los Angeles.

CARmageddon Has Arrived

CARmageddon Has Arrived - Breaking News!!!

This is breaking news from Los Angeles News. CARmageddon has arrived. This breaking news report is filed by anchor Dave to warn the public of the impending doom that CARmageddon will bring.

Produced by Joe Tracy
Copyright 2011

For those not aware, CARmageddon was the reference used by the city of Los Angeles and major media world wide to describe the closing of 10 miles of the 405 freeway in Los Angeles for 53 hours. The dramatic news reports started to sound like Y2K all over again. This video pokes fun at that.

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