Netflix Introduces Five Dollar a Month Browse Only Plan

Movie and TV streaming giant Netflix has introduced a new pricing plan to its service. Called “Browse Endlessly,” the plan allows users to endlessly browse the selection of tens of thousands of videos, something many Netflix users are already doing. The good news is that the “Browse Endlessly” plan is very affordable at only $5 a month. You can browse through the selections, but will be unable to watch any of the actual movies or TV shows.

The move by Netflix seems to be very popular as the news report below shows. It could end up being a financial booster for the company too as it faces increased competition from Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus.

The CEO of Netflix says that browsing endlessly is currently the most popular feature on Netflix. By making only that feature available at a cheaper price, the company expects to see a huge revenue growth.

Netflix’s Browse Only Plan (News Report)

Netflix Introduces New 'Browse Endlessly' Plan

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The inexpensive new plan lets users just browse all the titles and posters they want for just five dollars a month.

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