Synchronized Fish Swimming Magic

A magician in China is gaining fame and criticism for his amazing tricks involving fish, including getting fish to swim in synchronization.  Tens of millions of people watched on TV as the magician not only got fish to do synchronized swimming, but also caused four fish painted in a picture to come to life in a tank.

Now here’s where things get interesting. After the mass popularity of the trick, animal rights groups petitioned TV stations not to reair the show and accused the magician of abusing the fish. The groups theorized that magnets were implanted in the fish – something the magician denies. So what you are about to see isn’t being reaired because of the controversy. The magician says the fish are never mistreated and are living very happy lives. If that’s true then it makes the tricks in this video even more impressive.

It should be noted that the video is in Chinese and it takes awhile before it gets to the actual trick. If you want to fast forward, the trick starts at 53 seconds in…

Synchronized Fish Swimming

[1080HD] Magic show - "Wishing for you to get lots of fish year after year !" divx

Magic show - "Wishing for you to get lots of fish year after year !" divx.

[HD 1080i 1080p] 2011??????? - ??????????????
Chinese Magician Fu Yandong Performs Magic Fish Trick Lunar New Year festival.
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