Charlie Sheen’s Online Dating Adventures

Are you ready to be a winner with Charlie Sheen? The below video, from the Online Dating Tonight animated talk show, features Charlie Sheen talking about his online dating adventures. Now that he has a bunch of free time on his hands and because he is visiting so many cities on his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour, Charlie Sheen has found the perfect way to kill time and meet women – online dating. ¬†And as you watch him in this video, you can see that he is a real catch. Just look at the talk show host in this video – Cassandra. She starts infatuated with him and as you can see, by the end of the video she’s ready to leave the studio with him. That’s Winning. How does Sheen do it? Enjoy…

Charlie Sheen’s Online Dating Adventures


Online Dating with Charlie Sheen (Satire / Spoof)

This is the fifth episode of Online Dating Tonight and we decided to have some satire and parody fun by bringing Charlie Sheen into the mix. Winning! To create this episode, we took actual audio from Charlie Sheen interviews and built questions around them to suit our satirical situation. That's called "Spinning"!

Normally Online Dating Tonight is a semi-serious weekly "talk show", hosted by Cassandra, that tackles online dating issues. But for this episode we broke from our formula to have some fun with America's #1 news story. The Violent Torpedo of Truth has struck our set, but can he survive host Cassandra. At first Cassandra, like most of America, is infatuated with Charlie Sheen. But that starts to fade as he "answers" her questions.

Now for an interesting factoid. It is rumored that Charlie Sheen once was using a "millionaire" online dating service.

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Can you find the misspelled word in the credits, that happens to be spelled correctly in this description?

Producer: Joe Tracy
Host: "Cassandra"
Software: XtraNormal State

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