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It took quite a few days to put together our latest episode of the Online Dating Tonight animated talk show. If you’ve been following the series, then you’ll realize this episode is longer than the rest. It’s also the first episode to handle questions from viewers about online dating topics. And one of our viewers may be involved in a Nigerian scam as we speak! Luckily Cassandra, Jezebell, Damien, and Alex are all back to help guide singles down the path of safely and efficiently finding love online… except that the guests do seem a bit infatuated with Cassandra. Enjoy…


Online Dating Questions and Answers

Welcome to the fourth episode of Online Dating Tonight - the Web's only animated talk show for singles who are searching for love online! For the last few weeks we have been asking you to email your online dating questions. In this video you get to see the first batch of questions and answers. Cassandra is once again the host and all three past guests also make an appearance. A big thank you to those that sent in questions. And if you have a question for a future episode, email it to

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