Online Dating Lies

There’s a song that goes, “tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…” That could become the theme song for the online dating industry as Online Dating Magazine reports on a study that found that more than 50% of online daters tell lies in their profiles. That’s also the subject of this week’s animated online dating talk show, Online Dating Tonight. In this episode, Cassandra talks with relationship expert Taumara about what people lie about in their profiles and why they lie. Those who have been regularly following the series, may find the very end most interesting as it concludes a continuing “after the show” storyline.

Online Dating Lies

Online Dating Lies and Why We Lie

Did you know that more than 50% of online daters tell "little white lies" in their online dating profile? Some lie about their height, others weight, and still others income or job. But is lying OK? And what makes people lie?

This episode of Online Dating Tonight tackles the subject of online dating lies and why we lie. Relationship Expert, Taumara, shares her thoughts while explaining some dangers that little white lies can lead to.

This is the seventh episode of Online Dating Tonight. After next week, the show will be two months old! As always, we appreciate your emails, comments, and sharing of each episode. Here are links relevant to this episode:

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