Online Dating Tonight Tackles Online Dating Scams

This is the second episode of my weekly Online Dating Tonight series. If you are a regular visitor to YouTube Funny Video Clips then you know that I launched this new series last week as part of my work with Online Dating Magazine. The goal is to be informative and educational in an entertaining way – thus the animation. This second episode deals with the topic of Online Dating Scams. Did you know that tens of millions of dollars is bilked from online daters every year in scams? It’s a mega-profitable business that is growing. Essentially, the scammer puts up a fake profile then starts to build online relationships with people on online dating services. They will cultivate the online relationship and even talk to you on the phone. Once they feel they have gotten you to fall in love with them, they invent an “emergency” and ask you for money. Most people fall prey because they think they are “in love” with the person and that the person is telling them the truth.

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Online Dating Scams

This is episode #2 of Online Dating Tonight, an animated talk show about online dating. In this episode, the topic is online dating scams. Every year, online daters are scammed for tens of millions of dollars, making internet dating scams a profitable industry. Luckily there are sites (see below) that help people notice and avoid scams.

In this episode, Cassandra interviews "Jezebell" about online dating scams. For more information on scams and fraud attempts on online daters, see the reference links below:

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Online Dating Tonight

Video by Joe Tracy, publisher of Online Dating Magazine

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